New Kels Highlands


A hilly plateau in the New Kels Valley accessible by a switchback road from Coldstream. The Highlands are broad and trackless with plenty of secret crags and meadows, gulches and springs, wadis and canyons.

Shepherds and homesteaders have dotted the Highlands with small farmsteads. The people of the Highlands are independent and a little wild. They only come to Coldstream to trade their wool and finished goods and that’s about it.

The Highlands produce wool, cloth (distinctive tough tweed), barley, ale and a very potent whiskey called Brusk.

The Coldstream Garrison goes on training patrols in the Highlands every summer. This practice is viewed by the locals with mixed emotions. While the soldiers are handy when goblins are around and usually have some money they always seem underfoot when you don’t want them and they just won’t leave the lasses alone.

The Highlands is the only place in all of New Kels that comes under attack by Goblins. While small and not usually present in large numbers (a dozen is a lot) they are clever and sneaky. Goblins are mostly pests, stealing a sheep or two or accidentally burning down a barn with a careless cooking fire or “singing” too loud in the echoing crags. From time to time a large goblin is born. This is a sign to the other goblins to flock to him. When he is of age (this happens with surprising quickness) his will be done.

New Kels Highlands

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