New Kels


A colony of Men in the Greatspine Mountains consisting of New Kels Valley, Aleweed Valley and 3 as yet uncolonized valleys beyond The Windspine.

Duke Harsell of Kels, a noble in the kingdom of Lucene in the Empire purchased the land from the Dwarven Clans nearly 100 years ago. The capitol of Harsell and the frontier town of Coldstream were founded upon purchase and the Duke opened the land to all in the Empire so long as they were loyal to the Emperor and the King of Lucene and the Duke of Kels. For nearly 50 years the colony grew and flourished.

When the Empire fell the Duke, his family and a few refugees found sanctuary in New Kels. Beyond the reach of the Uruk hordes, behind the impenetrable armies of the Dwarven Clans, cut off from aid and danger the colony of New Kels remains as the only human civilization this side of the Eastern Sea.

Over the last 50 years since the fall of the Empire, New Kels has grown. The frontiers pushed out, Imperial culture preserved, the Army of New Kels formed and trained. Trade with the Dwarven Clans grew.

New Kels

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