Dorga's Glenn

A small market town in the New Kels Highlands approximately 20 miles northeast of Coldstream. It sits on the southern bank of a rocky creek that cannot be crossed in spring and early summer. There is no easy crossing between Coldstream and the creek’s source some 20 miles up in the crags. A “road” of sorts winds along the creek to Coldstream allowing wagon traffic. Smaller trails spread out upstream and south to service the highland villages south of the creek.

Dorga’s Glenn is an old thatch and stone town dating back to the early days of colonization nearly a century ago. The town also has a mill, baker, blacksmith, carpenter, weaver, Sheriff and other basic services.

There is a courthouse, relatively new and made of timber and stone, where Sheriff Bill Turkel stays. A few cells, a residence for the sheriff and a modest courtroom.

Dorga Kirk is the oldest building in town and serves as a meeting house, larder and house of worship. The town militia meets there after Sunday service.

Pugg’s Alehouse makes the local brew and even has a common room for those who can’t make it home.

The Big Dog Inn is a lively pub with a lot of music and frequent fights. There is actually a “dog pit” out back for settling differences of opinion. A favorite of highland villagers in town for a bender. They have a few rooms.

The 20 Mile is the second oldest building in town. It is 2 stories and has quite a few rooms. It is a place where Guild business and trading is carried out. It is also the closest thing to an address in Dorga’s Glenn so mail and messages are exchanged here.

Dorga's Glenn

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