Bitter is the northernmost town along the River Ale in the Aleweed Valley. Bitter boasts roughly 200 inhabitants but it grows to 250 in winter and market time when hunters come in from the hills. Built upon an enormous slab of worked granite some 30’ above the River Ale. The slab has a grid pattern of 1’ diameter, 5’ deep holes at 10’ intervals. This makes placing posts on the slab a simple task giving the town a sturd and orderly nature. Most buildings in Bitter are 2 story Tudor style.

Bitter sits 50’ back from the river edge and is entirely surrounded by a 20’ plank wall with 40’ watchtowers placed every 1/2 bow shot. Gates at the river side and the shoreside.

3 long warehouses near the riverside gate fill up with trade goods (hides, sausages, cheese, Rascal) until July when the Aleweed Pass becomes navigable. The rest of the year they are used as boat sheds.

The Town Square has one long Tudor hall with a single stone tower. This Town Hall is home to the courts, jail and Thain Richeard of Bitter. He is there most of the time guarded by his own troops.

The Market Square has a paddock, butcher, baker and most other tradesmen needed in Bitter. This is the last Guild bastion in the Aleweed Valley.

On the shore outside the town by a good half mile are the smokehouses, brewery, dairy, Rascal distillery and spring house. Bitter and the surrounding villages produce an over abundance of food. They preserve the excess for trade. The distinctive nature of the cheese, ale, sausages and dried fish and fruits makes goods from each maker a matter of taste but dwarves like them all.


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