Army of New Kels


The Army of New Kels is the only military unit of humans remaining in the known world. Duke Harsell saw it as a necessity after the fall of the Empire to keep morale up among the refugees and carry on the ancient traditions of the Empire.

Soldiers are trained in the use of Pike, Glaive, Longsword/shield and Crossbows although they are capable with other weapons these are their military arms. In battle or on patrol they carry these and wear a Breastplate. When at ease they typically wear lighter armor.

Soldiers are recruited in a series of contests given each fall to any who apply testing strength of body and mind. There are few openings each year so competition is fierce. Once in they are rigorously trained and assigned duties fitting their rank.

Most soldiers never see battle outside of training and the occasional duel of honor. They guard the Citadel, go on marches through the New Kels Valley to Coldstream Garrison and back, train and train some more. The last engagement the Army of New Kels had was a skirmish 5 years ago with a couple dozen goblins Who captured a homestead outside Coldstream. One casualty, 6 injuries, 27 dead goblins and the field won.

After 16 years of loyal service or upon receiving a grievous injury on the battlefield preventing further service a soldier is granted a parcel of King’s land in the frontier, a bull, 2 cows, 2 sacks of grain and their arms and armor as a mustering out benefit. Officers receive double, triple or more depending upon rank.

The Imperial Society of Warmages and the Protectors are specialty branches of the Army of New Kels serving as equals to the soldiers and under Marshal Grieb diLucene, the Commander of the Army of New Kels

Current Order of Battle (Citadel)
400 Regulars
20 Sergents
10 Lieutenants
4 Colonels
Marshal Grieb diLucene, the Commander of the Army of New Kels

ISoW (Citadel)
15 Apprentices
15 Warmages
3 Warmage Lieutenants
[[General Finx Lorassin, Grand Master of the Imperial Society of Warmages.]]

Protectors (Citadel)
12 Acolytes
20 Protectors
3 Protector Lieutenants
Paladin Jaster diLucene
Paladin Syrin Orsanell
Colonel Majoram Spinx

Army of New Kels

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