The Orthodoxy

A monotheistic faith practiced by humans in the Empire before the fall. The basis of The Orthodoxy is that God is omnipresent and omnipotent but NOT OMNISCIENT. God is blind to the soul and motivations, he sees only actions and results.

Adherents to The Orthodoxy believe:

• There is one God, Creator, Gatekeeper of Heaven, Judge of all Mortal Action.
• There is a Devil, Master of Hell, Deceiver.
• Living beings have an eternal soul that is shaped by worldly deeds.
• The Saints lead lives of perfect honor and heroic self sacrifice.
The Orthodoxy’s trappings include:

• The Deeds of the Saints is the holy book of The Orthodoxy
• A silver rosary with one bead for each Saint (Max108). A bead is gained by memorizing the deeds of a Saint.
• Chapels, basilicas and cathedrals dedicated to saints.
• Tombs and relics of the Saints.
• A rigid hierarchy of Clerics based on knowledge of church doctrine. The priesthood does NOT see itself as morally superior.

The Orthodoxy observes several Pious Principles.

• Neither God nor man can pass judgment on the living.
• The greatest sin is to steal the honorable deeds of another
• The life of the wicked must be preserved so they may make right and see salvation
• Hardship is a blessing from God, an opportunity to endure
• It is possible to reach salvation without acknowledging God (Infidels can go to heaven)
• A pious life is a life of action
• Introspection is a waste of time
The Orthodoxy is the state religion of Alusia but was practiced throughout the Empire. The King of Alusia must recite The Deeds of the Saints from memory in its entirety at his coronation.

New Kels has no official Cathedral of the Orthodoxy but some of the Protectors carry on Orthodoxy traditions out of respect for their honored dead. Traditionally the King of Alusia is the Hight Priest of The Orthodoxy. Since the fall of Alusia and Empire 50 years ago the Orthoxoxy has no high priest.

The Orthodoxy

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