The Deeds of the Saints

The Holy Book of The Orthodoxy and, to a lesser extent, The Free Faith. This thick tome is a chronicle of heroic actions performed by 108 specific individuals in public before witnesses. There is no ambiguity or mention of motivation. To a true adherent to The Orthodoxy each saint’s deeds are like a roadmap to Heaven.

The Deeds of the Saints is most often written in Alusian, but has been translated into nearly every human language. The Saints are of many lands and come from every creed. The book lacks many details about the Saints’ era, gender, race and nationality. It has the unique quality to allow the reader to imagine himself as the Saint. For this reason it is a poor historical record in spite of its otherwise specific nature.

Every Basilica of The Orthodoxy has The Deeds of the Saints on hand. A Cathedral may have several with at least one silver bound and meticulously illuminated.

In New Kels Valley there is one known silver bound Deeds of the Saints at the Protectors compound in the Capitol. It is an above average example taken from the Bacilica of Lucene before the city fell to the Uruk hordes. Other lesser copies exist but are not suitable to be a reference copy.

The Deeds of the Saints

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