The Protectors began as an order of Holy Knights of The Orthodoxy in the Kingdom of Alusia. They minister to and fight alongside with the troops particularly in wars of righteous conquest. Over time, as Alusia was absorbed into the Empire, the Protectors joined the Imperial Army and began to accept those of The Free Faith into their ranks. Upon the fall of the Empire a few Protectors remained in New Kels.

There is a sect of Protectors attached to the Army of New Kels with their temple based in the Citadel in Harsell. Some are Life domain (Crossbow and mace) but most are War domain (Warhammer). All Protectors have an officer’s rank in the army which they typically defer to a soldier in times of battle.

A small contingent of Protectors is attached to the Coldstream Garrison.

On rare occasions a particularly pious soldier will be allowed into the ranks of the Protectors as a Paladin. All Paladins are Orthodoxy, have Soldier for their background and must take the Oath of Devotion.

Protectors are sworn enemies of Sorcerors, witches and warlocks due to their allegiance with otherworldly powers. Undead and Necromancers are seen as somewhat less dangerous only because their avarice comes from this world. Fey and Druids are viewed with suspicion.

Protectors (Citadel)
12 Acolytes
20 Protectors
3 Protector Lieutenants
Paladin Jaster diLucene
Paladin Syrin Orsanell
Colonel Majoram Spinx


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