Imperial Society of Warmages

The ISoC is an ancient order of wizards attached to the Imperial Army. They are typically called from the ranks of soldiers early in their career and trained in the use of magic in battle. At one time Warmages were formed into lethal skirmish lines or attached to strike teams. After the fall of the empire only a dozen or so remained.

There is a remnant of the Imperial Society or Warmages attached to the Army of New Kels. They are all Evokers, have Soldier as a background and at least one level as Fighter. ISoC wizards tend to favor cold and lightning over fire.

General Finx Lorassin, Grand Master of the Society, based in the dungeons of the Citadel in Harsell, is the undisputed authority of the ISoC.

Warmages must start as Fighter with Soldier as a background. If their loyalty and dedication are exemplary and the ISoC is in need of recruits a soldier may receive special training in the magical arts. Imperial Warmages must have these spells in their spell book. One additional spell at L1, L3 and L5 are given by the Society.

Blade Ward.
Ray of Frost.

Chromatic Orb (cold, lightning, thunder)

Flame Blade (lightning)
Scorching Ray (cold)

Lightning Bolt
Leomund’s Tiny Hut

Higher level spells are unrestricted.

Imperial Society of Warmages

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