The Capitol of Harsell is an old Dwarven town of granite that has been modified over the last century for human use. Most of the skilled tradesmen in New Kels have their shops in Harsell. It controls trade with the Dwarven Clans and access to the Road Down.

Originally a dwarven outpost controlling the The Road Down and protecting a vital penstock that supplied water to their forge mills and mines in beneath the mountains, Harsell and the valleys beyond were sold to Duke Harsell of Kels nearly a century ago. The Duke retained rights to the valleys as long as they could defend them and rights to the pass and road to the Empire as long as they keep the penstock running. Since the fall of the Empire the Dwarven Clans have lost all interest in New Kels other than occasional trading.

The town sits on the western shore of Lake Kels where the granite bridge over the River Kels meets the dwarven causeway to the Road Down. Most of the town is on the causeway side of the river behind the ancient walls of a dwarven fortress. A sophisticated plumbing system provides running water to most houses in the fortress, numerous public fountains (both austere dwarven style and elaborately decorated human additions) and even a magnificent plume-like fountain 100’ tall on a rocky islet out in the lake.

The Citadel itself is an austere dwarven structure of granite built on a high bedrock outcropping above the town. The Army of New Kels has taken it for its base of operations. The old Dwarven Barracks, Larder and Armory are home to the Army’s soldiers and its permanent officers. The Dungeons and Waterworks have been taken by the Imperial Society of Warmages. The Officers Quarters and Signal Tower are now the Temple of the Protectors. The whole is run by Marshal Grieb diLucene, the Commander of the Army of New Kels. A strict uniform code is enforced at all times within the Citadel. No one out of uniform is allowed past the Barbican.

Barbican Square, immediately outside the gatehouse of the Citadel is the true seat of government for New Kels. A long Tudor hall is home to Parliament and the Duke’s Court. The Bailiff’s Corps (loyal to the Bailiff of Parliament) and the Duke’s Own (loyal to the Duke) keep a constant guard over the building with a troop of each on rigorously scheduled patrol. While Parliament is only in session one month each year the Duke’s Court is in session all of the time, every day, every night. Duke Harsell IV vonKels diLucene lives in the Ducal Apartments in the hall.

The Courthouse and the City Watch form the other two sides of Barbican Square.

The nearby market district has virtually any good or service available in New Kels. The Guild Halls of Brewers and Spiriters, Masons and Miners, Metalsmiths and Armorers, Carpenters, Weavers and Tanners and Brokers are there.

The meager Garden District, little more than a second thought, is home to the wealthier merchants and guildsmen while in town. Most hold villas or plantations outside the city as well.

Outside the Citadel and across the bridge over the River Kels there is a somewhat less orderly town of warehouses and tradesmen and servants who are unable or unwilling to afford space in the Citadel. Families of soldiers and the Watch also live here.


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