The Rockspine


The second ridge of the Greatspine Mountains, The Rockspine, is an impenetrable wall of granite reaching far above the treeline to an icy peak. Long ago the Dwarven Clans carved their homes into its eastern face.

The Firebeard Clan’s stronghold of Forge Rock is farthest north. They are known by their red hair and love of fire. The Firebeard make weapons of coal and pitch and fire. Their siege engines are legendary.

Clan Skullcrusher, the largest clan, spreads along the River Kels and holds Lakefort on the Warspine side and the factory citadel of Wheel deep within The Rockspine. They guard The Road Down from the citadel of Kelswatch. Tasked with the defense of the weakest point of The Warspine, the dour Skullcrushers are pure business. They have felt the greatest losses and take the war very seriously.

The Night Steel Clan holds the ancient Citadel of Kor to the south of the Kels Gorge. They are known by their unique black steel and prowess at small unit tactics. They love to raid by night.

The Gardoth Clan the farthest to the south and based in the Mines of Gardoth. Gnomes, while rare, are welcome among the Gardoth.

One known pass through the Rockspine exists: The Road Down. It is a combination of roads, stone bridges and Dwarven tunnels winding along the deep gorge of the River Kels. While the century old road is well built, wide and sturdy it has gone largely unused. The Dwarven Clans had little use for the peaks and valleys beyond.

The Rockspine

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