New Kels Valley


A long, broad, green valley between two impassible ice-crowned ridges in the Greatspine Mountains. The The Rockspine to the east and The Windspine to the west.

New Kels Valley has a temperate, alpine climate similar to Switzerland. The landscape is dotted with small farms that produce ample food for the population with plenty to spare for trade with the Dwarven Clans.

The River Kels falls from an alpine glacier far above the north end, flowing to the south end where it fills a wide lake then down a chute into a Dwarven mill in the tunnels below. The Road Down is a winding path that follows the river along a narrow pass through the Rockspine. Numerous rivulets feed the Kels from crags in the ridges leaving plenty of mystery along their edges.

The people of New Kels are orderly and independent. They are accustomed to a life without bandits or tyrants but feel it necessary to remain prepared. On rare occasions goblin raiders from the Windspine will probe the farmers’ resolve.

The Capitol of Harsell is an old Dwarven outpost of granite that has been modified over the last century for human use. Most of the skilled tradesmen in New Kels have their shops in Harsell. It controls trade with the Dwarven Clans and access to the Road Down.

Upriver are the large market towns of Teppis and Coldstream. Many other villages and family homesteads dot the slopes of the ridges below the treeline.

The government of New Kels is mixed. Local townships send representatives to a Parliament that meets in June each year. The Duke Harsell IV vonKels diLucene enforces the laws they pass and handles problems year round. A system of local magistrates act as impartial judges. As a rule, if a problem doesn’t reach the Duke then it’s not very important.

New Kels Valley

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