Hollowhall is a town of perhaps 200 built into a granite cliff on the inside of a sharp bend of the River Ale. The Hollow is a 30’ high slot carved some 1000’ into the cliff with 5’ round rough natural stone pillars roughly every 50’. Cisterns and tunnels carved into the Rock above and ramps down to the river indicate more than just a passage or temporary camp was here long ago.

The town itself is built on the more well lit rim of the hollow near the river. The poorer sections inside are nearly always in a dim shade.

The Town Hall is a fortified gatehouse on the downstream edge of the Hollow. It is the courthouse, guard station and home to Thain Dobra Norshill of Hollow.

Hollowhall, like the other towns in Aleweed Valley, produces more food than it could ever consume. It preserves the excess fruit, ale, whiskey, cheese, hardbread and smoked meats for sale in the markets of Harsell. Unlike the other towns of Aleweed, Hollowhall has an advantage: a small village just inland called Barren. Barren has a salt mine.


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