Coldstream is a highland town built on a bluff overlooking the River Kels in the New Kels Valley. It’s commanding view over the Central Valley makes it a strategic asset. Coldstream was originally built as a frontier fort but after the fall of the Empire Duke Harsell put tremendous effort into making it a fall-back point if Harsell were to come under attack.

Coldstream Garrison is a long, thin walled fortress built across the bluff. Little more than a thick double wall with towers and a gate, it was built to block access to the town and rain hell onto the valley below with its 20 Dwarf-built catapults.

Over the years Coldstream has become an important market town and waypoint for trade from the New Kels Highlands and Upstream. Today its population is nearly 700 with another 500 in the surrounding area. Many of the residents of Coldstream are involved in supporting the Army of New Kels, both the Coldstream Garrison and the Citadel.

Town Square has a Courthouse and Jail (Magistrate Elsa Klein and Bailiff Dorsen Heels , Mayor’s Office and Residence Mayor Bethany Teelsbeck and a first class gallows.

Guild houses for the Blacksmiths and Armorers, Weavers and Tanners and Carpenters are all represented in Market Square along with the usual services.


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