The Empire fell a generation ago. The 3 great Kingdoms of men were destroyed in less than a season of blood and fire. Uruks invaded from the Eastern Sea along with their sorcerous allies, The Iron Circle. Their tide of blood finally broke along the impassible Highpeak mountains when it met the Dwarven Clans. Since then the Uruks and the Clans have held their ground in perpetual, grinding war.

Before the fall, Duke Harsell of Kels had purchased 5 valleys from the Dwarven Clans. He had secured and colonized 2 of the valleys prior to his death in the onslaught. The men of New Kels, safe behind the Dwarven lines, are the only vestige of human civilization left this side of the Eastern Sea.

The time for hiding has come to an end. The time for heroes is nigh.

Campaign Specific Character Creation

The Last Empire

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